Facebook Takes On Webinar Software

Facebook announced last week that they are rolling out Live Interactions with Live Events. Sound like Periscope? Sound like Snapchat? Sound like basically any webinar software.

It is hard not to see that this is the beginning of the end of businesses stuck in Google Hangouts or dedicated webinar services such as Go To Webinar or WebEx.

The best webinar software available with dedicated servers cost at least $100 a month and require an arduous process to set up. This is great for an hour long webinar where you have a very engaged audience with required attendance.

And the more affordable webinar software services (EverWebinar, WebinarJam, EasyWebinar) are built on top of the technology of Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a fantastic technology and was the first live-streaming kid on the block. But anyone who has tried to use this platform for a Live Q&A has found the 30-45 second delay to be annoying at best and engagement-killing at worst.

Facebook has said that in addition to the live interactions, upon replay of a Live Event, the interactions will be displayed in real-time. Oh, and did we mention that you can now specify broadcasting live events to your Private Groups or to a Facebook Event RSVP list?

With the steps Facebook is already making with Lead Generation ads and the future with Live Events, it is only a matter of time before screensharing occurs from within the live event.

We said it here first. It is now officially game over for every other webinar company. Google Hangouts . . . here’s looking at you.