Your Website Is Your First Impression

I talk to small business owners every week who had there website designed in 2009 by their nephew who took an HTML class in high school. Or perhaps they signed up with GoDaddy and received a website builder for $1.99.

And yet, they cannot understand why their website is not driving phone calls from prospects.

A do-it-yourself website screams “I cut corners when it comes to quality”.

Translation: “I cut corners when it comes to providing high-quality workmanship for my customers”.

Just consider this example:

TRACE is a local restaurant that just spent $1.5 million on renovations. It has sleek, modern architecture with fashionable dining room furniture and the maitre’d is exceptional.

Bill’s Kitchen is a local restaurant that hasn’t updated its interior since 1989. Bill designed the menu on his home computer last summer.

The average ticket per customer is $72 at TRACE. The average ticket per customer is $12 at Bill’s Kitchen.

TRACE requires reservations three days in advance. Bill’s Kitchen doesn’t take reservations and there is never a wait.

And lastly, Bill has received the “Taste of the Town” award from the local food writers for the past 5 years.

How do you explain this? Bill’s Kitchen has received accolades for his food and is $60 cheaper, yet TRACE is packed 7 nights a week.


Perception is Reality

Perception truly is reality and this is a classic example of how perception drives the initial value proposition.  Not re-designing your website since 2009 is the equivalent of Bill’s Kitchen not renovating the interior since 1989.  The internet changes that fast!

As a home contractor, once you get in front of a prospect for an appointment, your professionalism and expertise wins them over and you’ve just converted that prospect to a customer.

But in order to get that appointment, your prospect has to perceive that professionalism and expertise from the first impression. And your first impression is your website.

Your website is useless without website visitors. Website visitors are useless without a high-converting website.

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