Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How are ReallyLocal leads better than other lead companies?

Exclusivity! Phone calls are sent directly to your office. This is NOT an online submission form that gets blasted to every service provider in your area. Our marketing detects buying signals. So phone leads are ready to buy. You just close the sale.

How do you track phone calls?

We partner with CallFire to establish a tracking phone number specifically for you. When that number is dialed, the call goes directly to your office. You will hear a whisper telling you the call is from us. You can access your log of incoming phone calls and even listen to the recordings through the CallFire website. If you get a call from a wrong number or telemarketer, you don’t pay. We only charge for qualified leads.

How much do leads cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The cost varies by industry and by geography. Our goal is to create a win-win partnership.  This truly is a partnership because we are only successful when our leads provide you a great return on investment.  Let us research your industry/geography, and propose a fair rate per qualified phone call. If we can’t generate leads at win-win price, then we can part as friends.

How many leads will I receive?

This is a popular question, but every market is different. We cannot promise a specific number of leads. Instead, we choose to work with business owners who are serious about growth and we aim to deliver as many leads as can be handled. If you get too busy and cannot handle the growth, you are free to cancel at any time with no penalties. We always have a queue of businesses on the waiting list ready for their chance.

How do you generate phone calls?

Online! We build high-converting websites and social media pages. We then run targeted ads and get these sites ranked for people searching for your service. We eliminate the risk of “window shoppers” clicking your ads and needlessly driving up you your advertising costs. You only pay for qualified phone calls.

Is it really free to sign up?

Absolutely! You only pay when our qualified leads call you directly and that call lasts at least 30 seconds. And if you still think the lead was not qualified, you won’t pay for it. We also remove duplicate calls from the same phone number.